A pleasant surprise came to me yesterday in the form of The MR PORTER Post — which I guess is going to be a reoccurring thing with MR PORTER. No complaints there… I was really pleased with the Suits issue they released last June — contents were great, and I loved the overall design — and I’m delighted to see that this issue is just as good as the last.

But before I lose my bearings and veer off talking about menswear, let’s focus on some typographical goodness.

Say what you will about its flagrant unoriginality, but I like the handwritten/printed text combination. It adds a sense of personal touch, which I think has been widely lost in the wake of mass digitalization. The stylistic contrast also adds visual interest. And I really like the use of classic, no-frills fonts. Coupled with some generous line spacing and a few tasteful embellishments, the text is downright chic. Just comes to show, you don’t need to go avant garde or over-the-top to achieve a beautiful design.

* * *

Readers — What do you think? Do you prefer going classy, or avant garde? Also, have you come across any typographical goodness lately? Please share!