You say good-bye, I say hello.


I know I wrote up that blog post about my decision to never again stick to a blogging schedule. But I still feel like I owe you guys an apology for disappearing for 4 whole months. I guess that, even though I knew that my interest in blogging here was waning, I still believed that I would pop by every so often—if only to share my booktube videos with you guys. (Which, incidentally, I’ve also neglected in making. Ha.) But I didn’t. And now I feel bad—sort of—for the extended radio silence.

I really should just pull the plug on this blog. I’ve been going on about it for years—or has that only been in my head?—and lately I’ve been thinking that if I really don’t have the time to commit to this, I shouldn’t do it at all. It’s not fair to you—or me—if I continue on in this halfway fashion. And if I never close this blog, I’ll never stop coming back to it, haunted as I am by wistfulness and nostalgia—a sort of wailing Cathy on the heaths of Yorkshire. (Ok, maybe that was a bit too dramatic but you get the picture.)

Anyway, what was I here for? Oh, right. A recap. I wanted to recap on the books (& comics) that I read in 2014. I was going to list them in my time-honored fashion, but 50+ books is a lot so I’m just going to point you guys in the direction of my GoodReads—which has all the relevant information, and then some:

I also filmed a video—by function a recap of my 2014 reads. You can watch it below.

Back to the pulling the plug business—I don’t see myself giving up on blogging IN ITS ENTIRETY. As much as I am drawing more these days than putting words to paper—literally or otherwise—I enjoy this process too much to give it up. I’m actually thinking about moving operations to Tumblr, a platform that I’ve come to love very much. (I should have done the move years ago. The only reason why I stayed on WordPress was because I had at some point wanted to blog professionally. Oh, youthful me.) If I do end up moving, I’ll let you know.

Otherwise, I guess this is goodbye? Yes, goodbye. I need to be firm about this. No more going back and forth. We’ve had an interesting run, WP. Thanks for the memories.

See you guys around.

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