About that reading project…

Right. About that reading project I embarked upon this past summer.

As far as numbers are concerned, the reading project was a major success. Out of the 13 books on the TBR, I finished 9. Which is a HUGE deal for me, because I usually fail at these sorts of readathon stuff. #LARMonth, last year’s Banned Books Week… Granted, food poisoning isn’t something you can really control, but point is I sucked at readathons. But this time I managed to get a good chunk of my reading done, and it felt really good to accomplish that.

Other than that, though, the readathon was a fail. And I say that because the books that I read either bored me to tears, or else left me feeling frustratingly indifferent. The only two exceptions were Alex London’s Proxy—a PHENOMENAL book, you guys—and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

I made a video back in August, in which I share my thoughts on the individual titles. You’re welcome to watch it below, and subscribe to my booktube channel—although fair warning, I am not entirely sure if I will continue with it. I really like the booktube community, but I’ve realized that I’m not the most eloquent or charismatic person when a camera is shoved into my face. Or when I know that I’m being recorded. (This is probably why I often forget to breathe and do these awkward mid-sentence gasps when I leave voice mails.) Perhaps it’s only a matter of practice. But then there’s the problem of adequate lighting—I live in a cave, you guys—and background noise and I still haven’t yet told my roommates about my videos and … yeah.

Also, I’m still weirded out that my face and voice are now ON the web. For anyone to access. SCARY OMG STRANGER DANGER CUE WAILING SIRENS


In any case, that’s my summer reading experience for you. I hope you guys had a much more enjoyable one!

Happy reading!



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