Hello summer!

As much as I want to gripe and moan about how time needs to slow the heck down because by Jove I am so not ready to face my next birthday in my current what-have-I-been-doing-with-my-life-I-need-a-new-job stage, I will instead keep positive and do what I can to work productively, but also enjoy these next few months. After all, it’s summer! And really, how can you stay glum when WATERMELON OMG is in season? And when there’s sunshine galore, and the days are extra long, and the evenings are lazy and cool, and you are practically judged if you don’t go to the beach at least once before Labor Day?

Also, something tells me I’ll be needing a Zip Car.

* * *

Readers — What are your plans for the summer?


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