THE WEEKEND : Alliteration

A photo-less post this weekend, as I barely used my camera. To compensate, I’ve decided to do some alliterating.

A breakdown of the weekend: biscuits and gravy / visit to a boathouseBlue Bottle Coffee / Bad Wolf / breaking out of my comfort zone / v-chats with the bosom friends / bike drama. (Either a problematic bolt is truly not tight enough, or Amelia is throwing a lame-o jealousy tantrum in response to my deciding to purchase a road bike in the near future.)

Some other things on my mind: surfing / surfing / more surfing / and writing / specifically script-writing / perhaps more info to come / but in the meantime, praying and finger-crossing that this play will be funny and interesting and will clearly present the gospel to the kiddies in a way that they understand.

Also: Color Run. AKA utter nutsanity. AKA the colors, dude, the colors! AKA totally doing it.


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