THE WEEKEND REPORT : Spring is here!

As I was out buying groceries this afternoon, I was greeted at the market entrance with buckets upon buckets of colorful blooms. Spring is here! I thought to myself as I mulled over which one to bring home—the deep, merlot ranunculuses (ranunculi?); the obligatory lilies and daisies… In the end, I went with my first choice: the ever-cheerful daffodils. I don’t particularly love daffodils—roses are still my favorite flower—but it’s hard to say no to such cheerful blooms! And their unusual shape never ceases to amuse me. (Don’t they look a bit like trumpets?) They’re now sitting in an old milk bottle, water flavored with some table sugar—a bit of spring cheer to brighten up our living room.

As much as I am looking forward to the new season—hooray, warmer weather!—I’m nevertheless reluctant to let go of winter. I’ll miss my wool scarves, of course, my suede boots, and the cozy comfort of tea and a blanket that only winter evenings can provide. But really, I just want time to slow down. The weeks pass all too quickly, and each day is over before I’m ready to let it go.


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