HAPPY FRIDAY: An organized life is a happy life

Why I Love Fridays #2: JEANSSS!! (Read: Casual Friday ftw!)

Looking back at what I did this week, I’m half in disbelief, half in awe, at how I managed to partake in so many social events, and yet still had time to Be Responsible – i.e., job search – and enjoy quiet moments in the comfortable stillness of an empty room. But more than that, I’m finally and utterly convinced that drawing up – and sticking to – a personal schedule is an absolute necessity of life. For me, I realized that what people have been telling me – that there’s no such thing as not enough time – is in fact true. While certainly I can’t do everything, I do have more time in the day than I think, and it’s only a matter of applying discipline, prioritization, and organization to accomplish what I want and need to do.  I admit, it was difficult at first. I’m largely used to spending my free time however I wish and according to whatever whim has me at the moment. But after a couple days, I got the hang of it. (A lot of it was just learning to say “no” to myself.) Now, I’m feeling so much more accomplished and happier. Wahoooo!

♥ ♥ ♥

This week can be summed up thus: food, food, and more food! Two potlucks, two trips to Off The Grid, a return to the daily cup of coffee… I’m starting to feel just a bit overwhelmed by it all! (What a strange problem, having too much of food…) ♥ For whatever reason – I think it may have been the karaoke party last Friday – all that I’ve been listening to this week are catchy, over-processed pop numbers. I’m kind of scared to see the play count for “Payphone” … ♥ MOCKINGJAY! I finally read it, and gosh, I was blown away. (Er, no pun intended.) While the book is different in many ways from its predecessors, I like it the best. It’s definitely left a deeper emotional imprint in me than the others, maybe because the events that transpire hit a lot closer to home, feel a lot more familiar, contemporary. No Hunger Games, no drama over love triangles; just the tragic reality of war and conflict; the sad truth that some events in life alter us forever, and that time does not heal all scars.

♥ ♥ ♥

This week’s round-up of inspirational or interesting links:

♥ Colin Nissan from McSweeney’s shares some humorous yet very useful tips on how to write better. (via notawhit)

The Sketchbook Project is now accepting sign-ups for the 2013 tour!

♥ Larry Smith gives a good, hilarious, and blunt talk on why we should stop making excuses and instead pursue our passions. (via Tina)

♥ Lucas Brunelle offers a glimpse inside the world of extreme urban cycling. One word: crazy! (via The Blazing Center)

♥ Check out these neato city neighborhood maps by These Are Things Studio! Wish they weren’t so big, else I would snap up the San Francisco one, or Manhattan. (via PUBLIC Bikes)

♥ Nanowrimo veteran Linda Ge – and only 17! – identifies three writerly pitfalls.

♥ Tips on space-saving packing, à la Louis Vuitton. (via Quite Continental)

♥ A real Instagram camera? YES PLEASE.

♥ ♥ ♥

Readers — What are have you found interesting, moving, or inspiring this week? Any fun plans for the weekend?


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