Project 366: Week of Feb. 19

1. Bed time fairytales. // 2. Took the advice of @linusbike and went for a spin. // 3. Just Write: My (Father’s) Belt. // 4. Never thought I’d see the day when I would eat pizza with fork & knife. A first time for everything, eh? // 5. Cherry trees are blooming. ♡ // 6. Poor, neglected longboard. :( // 7. Fresh produce, @bicyclecoffeeco, tulips, and Belgian waffles at the farmer’s market today.

Readers — What have you been up to this week? Any highlights that made it extra special?


4 thoughts on “Project 366: Week of Feb. 19”

    1. Dude, the waffle was delish. And this adorable, older gentleman with a French accent, runs the truck where we bought it from. When you come back Stateside, I’ll take you there, yeah?

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