Some bits of housekeeping, and a ramble, because I can’t seem to move on with this blog until I’ve put it all down onto (virtual) paper.

♦ I’ve consolidated my Twitter accounts. So no more tweeting separately at @elliottreads and @althene. I’ve shut down the former, and will be tweeting solely from the latter. It’s a good move, I think. I really wasn’t using @elliottreads anyway, and I like keeping everything in one place as much as possible. Makes life simpler, no? So if you’re Twitter-inclined, feel free to subscribe.

♦ Trying new things for the blog. For the past year, I’ve wanted to make this blog a bit more personal, and less niche-y. That’s why I started blogging about movies, and tv shows, and plays, because as much as I adore books – and always shall, I hope – I like other things too. I like other story mediums. I like art. I like nature, and being active, and wearing my man shoes. And yes, I like fashion too. And I want this blog, more than anything, to reflect who I am. So what does this mean for the future of Elliott? I’m not sure yet. But I do know that I want to bring a little more of myself into this blog. I’ve started Project 365 again, and I’ll be posting about that every so often. (Once a week too much?) I have outings planned, so I’ll probably talk about those too. And yes, more books, and movies, and hopefully some festivals, because I want to be more connected to the artistic community, and less, you know, of an antisocial mole.

♦ I want to be more articulate. Last night, I bemoaned to my roommate how frustrating it is to have so much to say about things – books and movies, for starters – and yet not quite know how to translate those thoughts into words, to which she ever so wisely told me to shut up, stop being so obsessively perfectionist about what I write, and, throwing my own advice back at me, just say what I have to say. Okay, so she didn’t ACTUALLY tell me to shut up, nor did she offer the above advice in quite that aggressive an  attitude. But that was the gist of what she said to me, and I can’t be more grateful for the metaphorical slap on the cheek. It’s true, I’m not very articulate. Especially about the things that I like talking about the most It’s one of my greatest weaknesses as a writer – which, I know, is a dangerous thing to admit to, but whatever; I’m trying to be more transparent this year. But I know it doesn’t have to be a permanent state. As with almost everything, it just takes practice. Practice, practice, and more practice. And a whole lot of determination, persistence, and humility. Stick to it, and I’ll see more improvement.

— E.


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