Girls can drive too!

Charlize Theron, during driving school in preparation for her role as Stella Bridger.

Stella Bridger, revving up her new MINI Cooper in a getaway test run.

* * *

“I remember right from the beginning they added more driving school for me just purely because I was a girl, you know? And so, I made it pretty clear from the beginning that they should all know that I am as equal as they are.”
— Charlize Theron

” I might even say that maybe the best [driver] was Charlize Theron, but I’m not telling the guys that.”
— Donald De Line (producer)

* * *

I re-watched The Italian Job this weekend, and was really impressed by Charlize Theron. Not only was her acting spot on, she did a lot — if not all — of her own car stunts, which, if you’ve seen the movie, will know is pretty freaking amazing. Also, she really held her own in the midst of the all-male cast. In one of the behind-the-scene featurettes, the lead actors commented on their experiences during driving school, which they were required to take in preparation for shooting. Charlize spoke briefly on how she was initially given more schooling than her male co-stars because everyone just assumed that, as a girl, she would need more help with handling her car. Not only did she shoot that down and insisted on being treated the same as the guys, she turned out to be the best driver of them all. What a gal!

Just comes to show, girls can drive too! And more importantly, any sort of assumption-making—towards anyone—is just unnecessary, and nonsensical. 

Images from The Italian Job and The Italian Job “Driving School” featurette.


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