There is something so fun, and magical, and rad about watching a dramatic stage performance in an open-air theatre at night. Especially when people in the audience are just as excited as you are. And furthermore, if the play involved is a Cal Shakes production. I’m relatively new to this amazing Bay Area theatre, having only seen three of their shows so far, but I genuinely like them and the work that they put on year after year. I like that they do classics with a twist. They’re not afraid of taking something very period like Shakespeare, and putting a very modern or fantastical spin on it. And the results are always clever, creative, and true to the spirit of the original story. What I watched last night, “The Taming of the Shrew,” was no exception. (I’ll talk more about my thoughts regarding the play in my next entry.)

This was my first play in some time. And it wasn’t till I had sat down and the play begun that I realized how much I enjoy and by extension have missed the experience of watching a live dramatic performance. There’s nothing quite like being a part of an audience, and engaging with the actors on stage with laughter and sympathy. You can’t get that almost-tangible human connection in films, or even books.

Readers – What do you think? Have you seen a play recently? How does it differ from other story mediums, in your opinion?

Much thanks to my friend Virginia who gave me and The Roomate comp tickets. Virginia was on board with Cal Shakes this season as the costume design assistant, and can I just say she did a stellar job!


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