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I’m excited to introduce a new addition to this blog: Film Friday! From now on, in addition to my, erm, irregular Book Notes posts, I will be posting every Friday about a film that I’ve either watched earlier that week, or am looking forward to watching. This new development may come off as “out of character” for this blog, since I started it as a book-only thing. But the move feels only natural, as I’ve loved movies almost as long and as earnestly as I’ve loved books and literature. And while I won’t deny that movies and books are very different creative mediums, I think they do the same thing in the end — they tell a story. And ultimately, I’m a lover of stories, not just books or movies. So with that said, I want to kick this off by introducing to you a movie that I’m really stoked about watching: Third Star.

Third Star is the story of four lifelong friends — James, Miles, Davy, and Bill. James, twenty-nine and terminally ill, invites his friends to join him on a camping trip to the beautiful Welsh coast. While enthusiastic, the young men are ill-prepared for the outdoors. What follows is a madcap sequence of events — including hilarious encounters with the locals, and minor setbacks — all the while intertwined with the tender poignancy of the four friends coming to grips with the imminent departure of one of their own.

Judging from the trailer, the movie seems to have everything that constitutes A Good Movie — heartfelt performances, talented actors, beautiful camera work, and an unpretentious script — which pleases me immensely. Oh, and let’s not forget Benedict Cumberbatch and JJ Feild, who are two of my favorite actors! Count on it, I will do all that I can to try to make it to a showing.

That said, I want to ask you, my dear readers — what are your thoughts towards this movie? Is it something you can see yourself watching? Will you be taking a road trip to watch it? (If you are, consider sharing your experience with the cast and crew! I know I will be!)

And since the movie has already come out in the UK, I want to ask you, my UK readers, if I have any — what are your thoughts toward the movie? Did it meet your expectations? Exceed? Fall short of?


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