Brb, gone sleuthing.

Hold on to your hats, folks! We’re taking a slight detour today, and venturing into the world of — gasp! — fashion.
Outfit details:
Trench coat – Burberry | Blouse | Denim leggings | Shoes – TOMS | Satchel – Cambridge Satchel Co. | Sunglasses – Ralph Lauren | Scarf | Earrings | Gloves | Watch – Swatch

In the satchel:
Blackberry | Moleskine – Pocket Squared Notebook – Soft | Pen – Uni-Ball Vision – Micro | Compact mirror | Lip balm – Burt’s Bees | Lip gloss – The Body Shop | Wallet – Coach

While rewatching BBC’s Sherlock last night, I thought to myself how exciting it would be to run around town like Sherlock and John, solving puzzles — well, criminal puzzles — and chasing bad guys. And then I got to thinking about what I would wear if I was ever in such a situation. A Cambridge Satchel came immediately to mind. Classy, stylish, durable … and it would be able to carry my minimal necessities without slowing me down in case of a chase. I followed that train of thought, and ended up with an entire outfit which I pieced together on Polyvore.

While I don’t anticipate getting involved in a criminal case anytime soon, I would love to have this outfit in real life! The satchel looks a dream, and a Burberry trench can do no wrong. And besides, you never know when an adventure will come your way. Best be prepared!

Just for fun — If you could take part in an adventure involving or inspired by a favorite TV series, movie, book, or any other fictional work, what would you wear? What would you bring? And why?


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